Bowen Technique:

Bowen Technique is a relatively modern creation. It was devised by an Australian called Tom Bowen Through the 1940'-50's Tom studied a range of skills and added his own unique insights to create his own methodology. Bowen Technique is highly effective as a free standing methodology and many Bowen Therapist do nothing but Bowen Technique.

There is some considerable overlap between Bowen Technique and Trigger Point Therapy and Chinese Acupoints, the vast majority of body locations used are the same in all three systems, they differ in how they are accessed.

Bowen technique frequently involves the use of the 'Bowen Move' the picture on the right illustrates the hand position. The thumbs are used to apply oblique pressure across a muscle or tendon. The 'move' is designed to move the tissue in order to trigger a relaxation response which creates a cascading effect through the body.

Bowen sessions can be delivered in either a targeted way, focused on resolving a specific issue such as frozen shoulder, runner's knee etc, such sessions are usually repeated every week or fortnight. The other approach is a general body maintenance approach. The body maintenance approach usually involves a single session every one to three months. This is ideal for those with chronic issues that tend to lapse or people involved in strenuous sport.

One of the great benefits of Bowen Technique is that it is a very gentle procedure, so it is an ideal starting point for patients with high levels of pain.

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the Bowen move

The Bowen 'Move'