Your Treatment; What to expect

Your first sessions includes taking a case history; Tui Na, Bowen and Sports Therapy will usually take a little over an hour , Body Integration you should allow allow at least 90 minutes.

If I don't think I can help you I'll tell you there and then, no charge no problem.

TuiNa and Body Integration sessions last between 60- 90 minutes. Most Bowen sessions after the first one will be around 40 minutes.

For your session please wear light clothing made out of natural material, suitable for light exercise and suitable underware.

The treatment process can be broken into four key stages:

Analysis. A detailed personal history will be taken and examination carried out to establish an understanding of previous trauma, occupational and life style risk factors. In the following sessions, analysis will focus on changes since the previous session.

Move. This is the hands on therapeutic passive phase. Bowen and TuiNa usually takes place on a standard massage table, DaoYin is done on a mat on the floor. I've attached a Youtube video to the right in which my friend Mitchell Mosher gives a demonstration of the Bowen Technique.

My aim is to minimise any discomfort during treatment. Bowen Technique, has the benefit of being very light in touch. Pain is not a help in the healing process.

Integrate. This is the initiation of the active re-education process. This is important because any injury that lasts more than a few days can cause your body to adapt, theis adaption can become a bad habit very quickly, that bad habit needs to be un-learnt quickly. So I use some simple movement exercises and stretches, this helps the neurological system to re-connect and re-learn. You will then learn (re-learn) to control those movements yourself, this is where you start to take control of the healing process.

Fix. The Move and Integrate phases frequently run in parallel, to each other. Usually the passive therapeutic ‘Move’ aspect will form the majority of the early intervention, as the patient progresses the active Integration aspect will predominate with the therapeutic aspect becomes a supporting element. This process is continued until the new behaviour is Fixed.

The key to the whole process is that you take control of your symptoms, it's not all down to me. I can do my part, but ultimately you have to take control.

Each Bowen session is charged at £40.

TuiNa is charged at £40/ Hour -£55/ 90 mins.

Body Integration program is carried out over eight to twelve weeks with around ten sessions in total.

Paid in advance either £550 for the ten or 2 x 5 sessions for £300 per block.


An Example of Tai Chi

A demonstration of Bowen Technique by my friend Mitchell Mosher