Ling Shu Dao Yin 

Chinese Yoga 

Strong, Flexible and Healthy - the body we all want .

You may think Chinese Yoga is new. While it is quite new to the west, its history goes back over two thousand years. The diagram shown to the right, known as the DaoYin Tu dates back to 300BC and shows DaoYin was already well established at this time and not a sign of Lycra! 

The simple aim is to develop a relaxed, strong and flexible body and a calm, clear and focused mind. The postures although stretching should never be forced or painful, pain creates tension which is self defeating. It has been shown to be of great benefit in achieving and maintaining general health. 

Two thousand years before the creation of Pilates and the concepts of core body strength entered the mainstream, DaoYin was already addressing these issues. In DaoYin nothing is pushed or painful. If you've done other Yoga you'll know that that is not always the case. 

The NeiJing Tu human energetic diagram

The NeiJing Tu - The Inner Landscape

The Dao Yin tu is an image from early Chinese civilsation

The Dao Yin Tu 300BC

DaoYin in the context of therapy is great for continuing the benefit of your therapy session. Many if not most, physical ailments are created by physical imbalances due to lifestyle occupation or posture. Dao Yin can help you to retrain your body, reducing the need for further treatments.

Private On-Line training can be arranged from £35. per 60 minute session.

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