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 An Mo - Tui Na The Right Therapy For You?

Most of us at some time in our lives experience some kind of physical malfunction, or experienced a period of extreme stress, if you’re lucky given a a few days or weeks it might put itself right, after all the human body and mind have a great ability to fix themselves. So the simple option is just to wait and see if they can fix themselves.

If however you find yourself in serious discomfort or you’re struggling to sleep or function normally, you may want to give your body a bit of a nudge to get it or your mind back on track.

‘Giving it a nudge’ is very much the approach I take to therapy, because the body or mind can usually fix themselves, giving the body  a nudge we can help the body fix itself more quickly and through that influence the mind. The benefit of not forcing a fix on the body is that a fix that the body finds for itself will in most cases be long lasting. Force the body and it’s very likely you’ll need another fix in a few weeks time.

An Mo - Tui Na is a traditional form of Chinese Bodywork that dates back thousands of years. It involves various manual massage techniques, passive and active stretches and gentle joint manipulations. Please note: There are no forced or harsh joint ‘crunching’ techniques that you may have experienced previously. Joints are controlled by the soft tissue that surrounds them, address the soft tissue and the joint will look after itself. As it’s based on traditional Chinese Medicine, it also addresses mental aspects of health, reducing stress and tension.

An Mo - Tui Na is usually delivered as a whole body therapy and a typical treatment will usually take over an hour. It can be delivered through light clothing. Sometimes An Mo does involve the use of oils on the skin, where deeper structural work is required or to achieve a deeper relaxation response.

Depending on the problem, most people require three to four treatments over four to six weeks. Once the core issue is resolved, you may benefit from a routine treatment every four to six weeks.

Where appropriate I also teach some ‘Dao Yin’ which is a form of Yoga that emerged in China around 2,000 years ago. It’s great way to help the corrections done in therapy stick over the longer term.

If you’d like to discuss taking a course of treatments Please email 

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