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Metabolic Health The Only Route To Real Health and Fitness

There’s so much more to fitness than running around your neighbourhood or dragging yourself off to a gym three or four evenings a week. The foundations of fitness MUST be built on good health, otherwise you are building on sand.

To achieve the essential foundations of health before then moving on to develop long lasting beneficial fitness my approach to personal training is built around four ‘R’s. Reprogram, Repair, Recover and Remain moving through these phases taking you to a state that I refer to as Metabolic Agility. 

What exactly is Metabolic Agility? The short version is simply; your body is functioning the way nature intends it to, able to adapt to various food sources and to be comfortable with irregular meal times. These basic capabilities are exactly how we evolved to function over millennia and importantly because we are to all intents and purposes, genetically identical to our ancient forebears it’s the healthiest way for us to live today.

The first steps are about Reprogramming your understanding of food. The key message is that the food that we routinely eat today is not natural and while bearing a passing resemblance to what we ate only thirty years ago is in reality quite different. Moving on from this we develop an understanding of how our food interacts with our bodies. Then we’ll take a look at food / diet terminology such as; Keto, Paleo, OMAD , 2MAD etc. and understanding why none of them is THE answer, but any or all can be a part of your particular answer. 

We can then move onto how that new knowledge enables you to Repair the damage that has been done to your body, having repaired you move into a longer term Recovery process of continuing weight loss, increasing activity so you can finally learn to Remain at the weight and activity level that you want.

The Reprogramming is crucial because you need to grasp some core ideas and jettison much of what you’ve been told and think that you know, because much if not the majority of what you think you know about food and healthy eating is wrong and rather than take my word for it, you can try it for yourself and discover what a difference it can make to your life. 

Everything that you’ve read above so far is focused on our core health. While our diet is the most fundamental determinant of our overall health, we do also have to consider issues beyond food and core health. Exercise, or more accurately activity, of some form is absolutely fundamental to our health, happiness and longevity. It is really important to take on board the fact that exercise cannot compensate for consuming the wrong food or too much of the right food (you can’t outrun a bad diet), but at the same time eating well while living like a couch potato won’t get the job done either.

Exercise should be a joyful experience, when we are basically healthy we tend not to notice, we only appreciate health when we don’t have it, you pull your back or you get struck down with the flu, then you appreciate good health. Exercise gives you an opportunity to really experience your health in a very direct way, so not only does exercise get you ‘fitter’ it also allows you to appreciate your core health.  Remember health is a baseline condition that relates to our core organic functions. Are those functions working as they are designed to work? Fitness is the utilisation of that core health and it enhances your physical and mental wellbeing, taking them to a higher level. If you’d like to discuss getting your health on track drop me an email, I’ll be happy to arrange a phone call to discuss further. 

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