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Your Treatment; What to expect During a Bowen or Tui Na Session

Your first sessions includes taking a case history; Bowen Technique will usually take a little over an hour while Tui Na will be closer to 90 mins.

If I don't think I can help you I'll tell you there and then, no charge no problem.

For your session please wear light clothing made out of natural material, suitable for light exercise and suitable underwear. Please try to avoid consuming alcohol for 24 hours before your treatment and no heavy meals for at least 4 hours prior to you session. Also drink plenty of water in the day before and for the day after your session. Immediately after your session try to avoid sitting for extended periods better to walk around for an hour if possible.

NB. Athletes and dancers should avoid taking a full treatment immediately before an event or performance. It can take up to 24 hours for proprioceptive function to be fully restored.

Analysis. A detailed personal history will be taken and examination carried out to establish an understanding of previous trauma, occupational and life style risk factors. In the following sessions, analysis will focus on changes since the previous session.

I've attached a Youtube video to the right in which my friend Mitchell Mosher gives a demonstration of the Bowen Technique. This should give you a good idea about the nature of a Bowen session.

Tui Na is very similar to Thai Yoga Massage, this is to be expected as Thai Yoga Massage is partially derived from Tui Na.

My aim is to minimise discomfort during treatment, though inevitably with some very tight tissue there can be some discomfort. 

Bowen can be used to target a specific issue, or delivered in a total body maintenance approach. Targeted treatments are aimed at fixing specific problems such as frozen shoulder, runner's knee, back pain etc. Whereas the body maintenance approach is intended to be used infrequently but routinely to maintain health and minimise the risk of injury, this is particularly useful for those involved in regular sporting activity.

Tui Na is a whole body treatment and includes deep pressure and passive joint manipulation and stretching.

Each Bowen session is charged at £40 and Tui Na is £55 (60 min) -£70 (90 min).


A demonstration of Bowen Technique by my friend Mitchell Mosher

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